Top 5 Hot News In 2017

1. MC Woody and Kalamare

Woody and Kalamare were invited to be MC at the grand opening of Show DC Mall but those two MC teased K-POP idols about their costumes and plastic surgery.

After that, both MC received many bad comments on social media.

2. Janie Thienphosuwan and Woonsen Virithipa

Janie Thienphosuwan revealed that she ended her friendship with Woonsen Virithipa. The rumor says that Woonsen introduced a new girl to Janie’s ex-boyfriend, Keung Chalermchai. That why Janie got angry!

3. Pitch Kachai and Four Sakolrat

Four Sakolrat joined Club Friday Talk Show as a guest and revealed that her ex-boyfriend had another girl when they were dating. Pitch Kachai, Four Sakolrat ex-boyfriend, posted on his Twitter that he was almost perfect. It seemed he denied about Four Sakolrat talking on that talk show.

Finally, he said sorry to Four Sakolrat and revealed that he talked about himself on Twitter without saying bad things to her.

4. Gunjaezol Panthorthong

It’s a very hot news after the report says that the actress of Thai channel 7 Gunjaezol leaves her house without her parents permission to live with her boyfriend.

Now she gives a birth to her son named Nong Neur Mek.

5. Aff Taksaorn

There is a shock news of Aff Taksaorn and Songkran Techanarong live separately. It reported that Songkran has another girl.

Source: Undubzaap




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