Weir Sukollawat Posts A Picture of Bella Ranee On His IG With Sweet Caption

After they open their relationship to the public, Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee post each other photos on their Instagram account more often including a trip in Japan and in Khao Yai province. Even the journey completed, Weir Sukollawat recently posts another picture of Bella Ranee once again on his Instagram account with a sweet […]

Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee Love Story

Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee actually started dating since 2012 when they play a movie, ‘Fatherland’, together but they didn’t play couples in this movie. They haven’t opened their relationship to the public but they are secretly dating. Paparazzi also secretly captured Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee when they were together. This year, they start […]

Weir Sukollawat Talks About His Love With Bella Ranee

Recently, Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee have traveled to Khao Yai together and he says that it’s a good trip because the nature is beautiful and he feels so fresh. It’s so sweet? Weir Sukollawat says that it’s not so sweet. It’s normally for couples. He confirmed that it doesn’t have couples photos for this […]

How Much Does It Cost For Producing Thai TV Drama?

Have you ever wondered how much does it cost for a TV drama? Thai drama cost depends on the productions, drama types, and episodes. It costs about 20 Millions Baht (603,136 US Dollars) to 60 Millions Baht (1,809,955 US Dollars). Some dramas cost over 100 Millions Baht (3,016,592 US Dollars) or 200 Millions Baht (6,031,364 […]

8 Thai Actors Who Hide Relationship With Their Girlfriends From The Public

8. Weir Sukollawat Weir Sukollawat has been dating Bella Ranee for 5 years but he just starts showing his relationship with her recently. 7. Nong Thana Nong Thana has been dating Vill Wannarot for a while but both of them have never posted couples photos on their Instagram account. 6. Bie Sukrit He has never […]