13 Thai Celebrities With Their Blood Types

1. Bie Sukrit – Blood Type ‘A’ 2. Chompoo Araya – Blood Type ‘A’ 3. Porshe Saran – Blood Type ‘A’ 4. Nadech Kugimiya – Blood Type ‘B’ 5. Mai Davika – Blood Type ‘B’ 6. Yaya Urassaya – Blood Type ‘B’ 7. Mario Maurer – Blood Type ‘O’ 8. Cheer Tikhamporn – Blood Type […]

Mint Chalida Injured While Falling Off The Horse

Recently, Mint Chalida travels to The Bonanza Khaoyai, her boyfriend resort. She rides a horse and accidentally falls off its back and gets injured. Mint Chalida posted a video on her Instagram account showing her face with scar on her right cheek after falling off the horse.  

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