These 4 Thai Actress Names Are Used As Meeting Room Names

Mistine, the number one cosmetic in Thailand, always gives an honor to Thai actresses who are company’s presenters. 4 Thai actresses, who have worked with Mistine Thailand for a long time, are being used their names as special meeting room’s names of the company. These actresses including Aum Patchrapa, Ploy Chermarn, Min Pechaya, and Pancake […]

5 Thai Actresses With Their Handsome Boyfriends Who Are All Millionaires

1. Margie Rasri and Pok Chirathivat Her boyfriend is the heir of Central Group who owns several shopping centers in Thailand. 2. Mint Chalida and Phupaa Techanarong Her boyfriend is the heir of Bonanza Resort at Khao Yai province. 3. Grace Karnklao and Hi-So Khun Pol Her boyfriend is a businessman of real estate. 4. Korn […]

7 Thai Actors And Actresses Who Are Popular In TV Dramas But Unsuccessful In Movies

Pope Thanawat His movie, ‘Obtober Sonata’, starring with Koy Ratchawin and Boy Pisanu, earned less profit. Bella Ranee Her movie, ‘My True Friend’, was unsuccessful as expected. Margie Rasri Her first movie, ‘Midnight University’ was unsuccessful. Min Pechaya The movie, ‘Call Me Bad Girl’, wasn’t popular in Thailand. Nune Woranuch She played two movie, ‘Midnight […]

These 10 Thai Actresses Were The Contestants Of Popular Contests Before

1. Aum Patchrapa – Miss Hack 1997 2. Nune Woranuch – The Boy & Girl 1997 3. Yui Jiranan – Dutchie Boys & Girls 2000 4. Cheer Tikhamporn – Miss Teen Thailand 2002 5. Pancake Khemanit – Thai Super Model 2004 6. Grace Karnklao – Miss Teen Thailand 2004 7. Min Pechaya – Miss Teen […]

Top 10 Highest Rating Thai Dramas For Finale Episode In 2017

10. Kluen Cheewit – 7.8 9. Mussaya – 8.0 8. Nieow Huajai Sut Glai Peun – 8.1 7. Nam Sor Sai – 8.2 6. Rissaya – 8.3 5. Rajchanavy Tee Ruk – 8.6 4. Meu Prab Jao Huajai – 8.7 3. Koo Zaa Rot Zaap – 8.8 2. Plerng Boon – 8.9 1. Plerng Phranang […]

Min Pechaya Popularity Drops?

People have noticed that the number of followers on Min Pechaya’s Instagram account drops everyday because she doesn’t upload her pictures often as before. She doesn’t attend the events often, too. However, Min Pechaya says that the number of followers doesn’t drop and she uploaded her pictures more often now. For her works, it has […]