7 Thai Celebrities Almost Lost Their Beauty Because Of Accidents

1. Bie KPN He was robbed and assaulted and almost lost his handsome face. 2. Matt Peeranee Matt Peeranee fell of the horse and got injured. 3. Yaya Urassaya She got injured by jellyfish when filming TV drama at the sea. 4. New Wongsakorn His leg injured at the filming place because of action scenes. […]

[VIDEO TRAILER] My Love From The Star Thai Version

Yesterday, Pinkamol Maleenont, a high position person in Thai TV3, posted a video trailer of TV drama, ‘My Love From The Star Thai Version’ on her Instagram account. This K-drama remakes will star Nadech Kugimiya, Matt Peeranee, Masu Janyangdikul, Eye Kamolned, and God Itthipat. Let see the video below….. ‪ทีเซอร์ #MyLoveFromTheStar ของไทยมาแล้ว อยากดูแล้ว😆 #ก๊อตอิทธิพัทธ์ #Gxxod […]

Thai Channel 7 To Remake K-Drama?

On social media, there are many rumors about Thai channel 7 going to remake K-Dramas as Thai TV3, True 4U, and ONE channel. But Thai Channel 7 hasn’t officially confirmed about this news yet. Some netizens request Thai channel 7 to remake hit K-drama like Marry Him If You Dare, Tree In Heaven, The Heirs, […]

5 Thai Celebrities Are Accused Of Being Arrogant After Got Famous

5. Matt Peeranee She is often accused of being arrogant with her fans. 4. Esther Supreeleela Esther Supreeleela is accused of being arrogant because she accepts the works she wants to do only. 3. James Jirayu James Jirayu’s manager didn’t allow his senior actress Nui Sujira to take a selfie with him. After that, he […]

12 Thai Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss In 2018

1. My Love From The Star Thai Version – Nadech Kugimiya & Matt Peeranee (Thai TV3) 2. The Crown Princess – Nadech Kugimiya & Yaya Urassaya (Thai TV3) 3. Dauy Rang Atitharn – Tik Jesdaporn & Mew Nittha (Thai TV3) 4. Lai Ginary – Tik Jesdaporn & Yaya Urassaya (Thai TV3) 5. Kom Faek – […]

Andrew Gregson Has A Problem With Matt Peeranee?

It has reported that Andrew Gregson has a problem with Matt Peeranee and she requests not to work with him again. But Andrew Gregson denies this news and confirms that he doesn’t have a problem with Matt Peeranee. Working with Matt Peeranee, Andrew Gregson says that she always looks after him as she is a […]

Masu Janyangdikul, Eye Kamolned, God Itthipat and Matt Peeranee Take A Costume Fitting For TV Drama, ‘My Love From The Star’

On September 10, Nadech Kugimiya and Matt Peeranee took a costume fitting for their new TV drama, ‘My Love From The Star’ Thai Version. Both Nadech and Matt look good together and the clothes really perfect for them. Yesterday, it’s time for second leads Masu Janyangdikul, Eye Kamolned to took a costume fitting for their […]

10 Thai TV Dramas That Have Changed Their Male And Female Leads

1. Tukta Pee – Rita Sririta -> Jukjaan Akhamsiri Rita Sririta already took a costume fitting for this TV drama but she immediately withdrew herself from this Lakorn. Jakjaan Akhamsiri will play this role instead of her. 2. Rarerng Fai – Chompoo Araya -> Nune Woranuch Chompoo Araya was pregnant at that time. She asked […]