Nominees For “Daradaily The Great Awards 7”

HOT GIRL 1. Yaya Urassaya 2. Mew Nittha 3. Kimmy Kimberley 4. Mai Davika 5. Cheer Tikhamporn 6. Bella Ranee 7. Taew Natapohn 8. Poo Praiya 9. Peak Patrasaya 10. Ice Apitsada COOL GUY 1. Nadech Kugimiya 2. Mik Thongraya 3. James Jirayu 4. Weir Sukollawat 5. Toey Pongsakorn 6. Alek Teeradetch 7. Mike Pattaradet […]

5 Thai Actresses Revealed Nicknames That Their Friends Call

1. Bella Ranee Her nickname is “Kaek” that means Indian┬ábecause her face is beautiful as Indian girl but she is actually half Thai-European. 2. Toey Jarinporn Her nickname is “Maeng” because she has a big forehead. 3. Mai Davika Her nickname is “Frung Kee Nook” (Frung = European / Kee Nook = Bird Poop). When […]

5 Thai Actresses Who Have Fewer Friends

1. Pancake Khemanit Pancake Khemanit doesn’t have close friends. She always be with her family. 2. Esther Supreeleela She doesn’t have any close friends. On her graduation ceremony, only Ken Phupoom went to congratulate her. 3. Mai Davika Mai Davika doesn’t have many friends as other celebrities. Her best friends is Baifern Pimchanok. 4. Kwan […]

Mai Davika Posted A Mysterious Message On Her Twitter

Recently, Mai Davika posted a mysterious message on her Twiiter account that, “A person who doesn’t have many friends or groups of friends……It doesn’t mean that person is bad……..Davika’s thought.” Mai Davika’s manager also posted on her Instagram account that, “Doing good things……no one talks about it. When something went wrong…….many people talk about it…….Nampraew’s […]