5 Thai Actresses Who Have Fewer Friends

1. Pancake Khemanit Pancake Khemanit doesn’t have close friends. She always be with her family. 2. Esther Supreeleela She doesn’t have any close friends. On her graduation ceremony, only Ken Phupoom went to congratulate her. 3. Mai Davika Mai Davika doesn’t have many friends as other celebrities. Her best friends is Baifern Pimchanok. 4. Kwan […]

Top 7 Thai Star Couples Who Are So Sweet And Always Be Together

7. Pub Potato & Baitoey  6. Dj Push & Jooy Warattaya 5. Ken Phupoom & Esther Supreeleela 4. Mark Prin & Kimmy Kimberley 3. Peach Pachara & Patricia Good 2. Pok Patsonkorn & Margie Rasri 1. Golf Pichaya & Kwan Usamanee

3 Thai Actresses Who Didn’t Leave Their Mothers Alone Even They Haven’t Allowed To Love Their Boyfriends

1. Aum Patchrapa When she was in love with her ex-boyfriend, Todd, her mother didn’t allow her to be in a relationship with him. However, she was still in a relationship with Todd but she didn’t go to live with him and left her mother alone. 2. Pancake Khemanit Mae Noi, Pancake Khemanit’s mother, didn’t […]

6 Thai Actresses Who Work Hard Since They Were Young

1. Pinky Savika Pinky Savika has worked in Thai entertainment industry since she was 7 years old. 2. Focus Jirakul She started working in Thai entertainment industry by starring in a movie, Fan Chan. 3. Kwan Usamanee She has worked in Thai entertainment industry since she was 3 years old. 4. Yard Yardthip She has […]

10 Thai Celebrities Who Have Created Their Own Brand Products

1. Wawa Nichari – So Young Soy Milk 2. Pancake Khemanit – Baby Rose Clothes 3. Ploy Chermarn – Cher Chom 360 Diety Supplement 4. Newclear Hunsa – Summer Zap Zap Swimming Suits 5. Margie Rasri – I Am Brand Jewelry 6. Ying Rhatha – D24 Diety Supplements 7. Louis Scott – Oxygen men underwear […]