Top 5 Hot News In 2017

1. MC Woody and Kalamare Woody and Kalamare were invited to be MC at the grand opening of Show DC Mall but those two MC teased K-POP idols about their costumes and plastic surgery. After that, both MC received many bad comments on social media. 2. Janie Thienphosuwan and Woonsen Virithipa Janie Thienphosuwan revealed that […]

7 Thai Actresses Who Are Unlucky In Love

1. Pinky Savika Pinky Savika just gets divorced from her husband Petch Itthi after getting married for 3 years. 2. Aff Taksaorn Aff Taksaorn currently stays apart from her husband Songkran Techanarong. 3. Aum Patchrapa She has 5 boyfriends and she is now single. 4.  Janie Thienphosuwan As Aum Patchrapa, Janie Thienphosuwan has many boyfriends […]

How Much Does It Cost For Producing Thai TV Drama?

Have you ever wondered how much does it cost for a TV drama? Thai drama cost depends on the productions, drama types, and episodes. It costs about 20 Millions Baht (603,136 US Dollars) to 60 Millions Baht (1,809,955 US Dollars). Some dramas cost over 100 Millions Baht (3,016,592 US Dollars) or 200 Millions Baht (6,031,364 […]

5 Thai Actresses Revealed Nicknames That Their Friends Call

1. Bella Ranee Her nickname is “Kaek” that means Indian because her face is beautiful as Indian girl but she is actually half Thai-European. 2. Toey Jarinporn Her nickname is “Maeng” because she has a big forehead. 3. Mai Davika Her nickname is “Frung Kee Nook” (Frung = European / Kee Nook = Bird Poop). When […]

5 Thai Actresses Who Have Fewer Friends

1. Pancake Khemanit Pancake Khemanit doesn’t have close friends. She always be with her family. 2. Esther Supreeleela She doesn’t have any close friends. On her graduation ceremony, only Ken Phupoom went to congratulate her. 3. Mai Davika Mai Davika doesn’t have many friends as other celebrities. Her best friends is Baifern Pimchanok. 4. Kwan […]

6 Thai Star Couples Have Broken Up This Year

1. Aitim and Nicha Nattanicha Aitim and Nicha Nattanicha have been in a relationship for 3 years before broken up. She hasn’t revealed why they have broken up. 2. Petch Itthi and Pinky Savika Pinky Savika recently gets divorced from husband Petch Itthi. 3. Keung Chalermchai and Janie Thienphosuwan Keung Chalermchai rumored to have another […]