Chompoo Araya Builds Golden Chairs For Her Twin Baby Boys

Because Nong’ Thuder and Storm are sons of millionaire in Thailand Nott Visrut and a super star Chompoo, their things are all luxury with high prices. Today, Chompoo Araya gets golden chairs that have orders for her twin baby boys. Before using the chair, Chompoo Araya and her friends have to build it first. The […]

Chompoo Araya Is Back To Work

After giving births to her twin babies, Chompoo Araya takes a break from working in Thai entertainment industry for a while to look after her children. Now she is back to work and let her fans know about it by posting a picture of her fantasy boots on her Instagram stories with a caption, “Back […]

Chompoo Araya Plans To Have A New Baby?

Many people are curious whether Chompoo Araya has only twin baby boys or she will have another baby in the future. According to Siamdara, Chompoo Araya plans to have a baby girl in the future because she has discussed with the doctor about this. When Nong Thunder and Nong Storm grow up (when they’re 2-3 years old), […]

Beauty Secrets Of 5 Thai Actresses

Ploy Chermarn   She takes care her skin by getting a tightening laser and scrub 2 times a month. Chompoo Araya She always cleans her face and use SPF cream before going outside. She needs a total sleep time of over 6 hours per day. Mai Davika She always eats green vegetables and fruits to make her skin more beautiful. […]

9 Thai Celebrities Who Made Cameo Appearances In Other Actors Or Actresses’ Dramas and Movies

1. Mark Prin – Suparburoot Jutathep – Khun Chai Ron Na Pee 2. Jooy Warattaya – Hello Stranger 3. Kimmy Kimberley – Yok Lai Mek 4. Tui Teerapat – One Day 5. Chompoo Araya – Maya Rissaya 6. Ter Chantavith – Sai Lub Jub Baan Lek 7. Bomb Thanin – Likit Sanaeha & Noom Ban […]

10 Thai Celebrities Who Have Created Their Own Brand Products

1. Wawa Nichari – So Young Soy Milk 2. Pancake Khemanit – Baby Rose Clothes 3. Ploy Chermarn – Cher Chom 360 Diety Supplement 4. Newclear Hunsa – Summer Zap Zap Swimming Suits 5. Margie Rasri – I Am Brand Jewelry 6. Ying Rhatha – D24 Diety Supplements 7. Louis Scott – Oxygen men underwear […]