Boy Pakorn, Toey Jarinporn, and Louis Scott Fly To Japan Filming A New Movie

Boy Pakorn and Toey Jarinporn becomes hot shipped couples after playing together in a hit TV series, ‘Cupids The Series – Kammathep Hunsa’ together. Today, Boy Pakorn, Toey Jarinporn, and Louis Scott fly to Japan together to film a new movie, ‘Gravity of Love’. Toey Jarinporn posts a picture of her with fans and Boy […]

Boy Pakorn Talks About Toey Jarinporn

After Toey Jarinporn and Alek Teeradetch reveal about their relationship to the public, many fans pity Boy Pakorn because he is shipped couples of Toey Jarinporn. However, Boy Pakorn says that he knows they’re dating for a long time because both of them are his friends. He adds that Alek Teeradetch tells him about his […]

3 Thai Actors First Love Stories

Boy Pakorn He had the first love when he was in high school. He fell in love with a girl living near his house in province. His friends teased him about that girl and he was so shy and couldn’t talk to her. James Jirayu He fell in love when he was studying in kindergarten. […]

Thai Netizens Pity This Actor After Alek Teeradetch And Toey Jarinporn Are Dating

Yesterday, Alek Teeradetch revealed that he has been dating Toey Jarinporn for 5-6 months. Thai netizens say that they pity Boy Pakorn so much because he is shipped couples of Toey Jarinporn after playing couples in a hit TV series, ‘Kammathep Hunsa’, together and Alek Teeradetch is his friend. Thai netizens shared their ideas that […]