These 4 Thai Actress Names Are Used As Meeting Room Names

Mistine, the number one cosmetic in Thailand, always gives an honor to Thai actresses who are company’s presenters. 4 Thai actresses, who have worked with Mistine Thailand for a long time, are being used their names as special meeting room’s names of the company. These actresses including Aum Patchrapa, Ploy Chermarn, Min Pechaya, and Pancake […]

10 Thai Celebrities Who Got The Most Followers For October 2017

10. Yaya Urassaya / +64,701 Followers 9. Jao Naay / ++70,123 Followers 8. Mew Nittha / +75,099 Followers 7. Taew Natapohn / +77,513 Followers 6. Bella Ranee / +82,125 Followers 5. Aum Patchrapa / +86,791 Followers 4. Navin Tar / +97,388 Followers 3. Kaykai / +97,649 Followers 2. Pat Napapa / +126,611 Followers 1. Bambam GOT7 / +199,858 Followers Source: Daradaily

7 Thai Actresses Who Are Unlucky In Love

1. Pinky Savika Pinky Savika just gets divorced from her husband Petch Itthi after getting married for 3 years. 2. Aff Taksaorn Aff Taksaorn currently stays apart from her husband Songkran Techanarong. 3. Aum Patchrapa She has 5 boyfriends and she is now single. 4.  Janie Thienphosuwan As Aum Patchrapa, Janie Thienphosuwan has many boyfriends […]

7 Thai Actors And Actresses Who Are Popular In TV Dramas But Unsuccessful In Movies

Pope Thanawat His movie, ‘Obtober Sonata’, starring with Koy Ratchawin and Boy Pisanu, earned less profit. Bella Ranee Her movie, ‘My True Friend’, was unsuccessful as expected. Margie Rasri Her first movie, ‘Midnight University’ was unsuccessful. Min Pechaya The movie, ‘Call Me Bad Girl’, wasn’t popular in Thailand. Nune Woranuch She played two movie, ‘Midnight […]

This Thai Actress Is James Ma’s Ideal Type

James Ma reveals that he doesn’t like a party girl and he likes Thai girls than Hong Kong girls because Thai girls are charming. He also like a girl who is good in working, sports, or studies. If she is good in singing and dancing, he will fall in love as well. For Thai actress, […]

Aum Patchrapa Ended Her Friendship With Janie Thienphosuwan Because Of This Reason?

Last two month, Janie Thienphosuwan ended her friendship with Woonsen Virithipa because she introduced another girl to her ex-boyfriend Keung Chalermchai. Thai netizens shared their ideas that Aum Patchrapa had a good friendship with Janie Thienphosuwan in the past. But she ended her friendship with Janie because she had a secret meal with Note Vises without […]