7 Thai Dramas, Movies, Series Are Popular In China

1. Bad Genius ‘Bad Genius’ earns 740 Millions Baht after screening in China for just 5 days. 2. Two Moons ‘2 Moons’ got a big success in China and the actors in this series also have a fan meeting in there. 3. Sotus The Series ‘Sotus The Series’ is another successful gay love series in […]

9 Thai Actresses Graduated With Honor

1. Ja Jaittapa She graduated with honor number 1 from Chulalongkorn University. 2. Bebe Thanchanok She graduated with honor number 1 from Assumption University Of Thailand and got the GPA 3.91. 3. Rotmay Kaneungnij She also graduated with honor number 1 with GPA 3.61 from Srinakharinwirot University. 4. Prang Kannarun She graduated with honor number 1 with […]

10 Thai Actresses Look Younger Than Their Real Ages

1. Pattie Ungsumalynn – 26 Years Old 2. Toey Jarinporn – 27 Years Old 3. Bebe Thanchanok – 29 Years Old 4. Aom Sushar – 29 Years Old 5. Four Sakolrat – 31 Years Old 6. Gybzy Wanida – 33 Years Old 7. Paula Taylor – 34 Years Old 8. Pim Pimmada – 36 Years […]

Costume Fitting TV Drama, ‘Tukta Pee’ Starring Top Jaron and Aom Sushar

Yesterday, Kantana Evolution of Thai TV3, conducts a costume fitting of horror TV Drama, ‘Tukta Pee’ (Ghost Doll), starring Top Jaron and Aom Sushar, Rita Sririta, and First Ekkaphong. Top Jaron and Aom Sushar will be a male and female lead while Rita Srirta will play as a ghost. Fitting ละคร#ตุ๊กตาผี #sriritajensen #maria_maier_ #first_ekkaphong #kantanagroup […]

10 Thai Celebrity Old Names You Have Never Known Before

1. Mario Maurer His old name was Nattawut Maurer. 2. Poo Praiya Her old name was Nattaya Lundberg. 3. Chompoo Araya Her old name was Araya Alberta Hargate. 4. Noey Chotika Her old name was Wewari Wongruth 5. Pat Napapa Her old name is Suleeporn Tantrakul 6. Pancake Khemanit Her old name is Chayanit Jamikorn 7. Aom Sushar Her […]

Thai Actresses Heights – Tallest and Shortest Actresses

Aom Sushar 154 cm Toey Jarinporn 155 cm Mew Nittha 160 cm Taew Natapohn 163 cm Margie Rasri 168 cm Aum Patchrapa 168 cm Bella Ranee 168 cm Yaya Urassaya 170 cm Kimmy Kimberley 170 cm Chompoo Araya 170 cm Mint Chalida 170 cm Rita Sririta 173 cm Pancake Khemanit 174 cm Bee Namthip 178 […]

7 Thai Actresses Who Are Clever In Study Even They Work So Hard

7. Taew Natapohn Taew Natapohn graduated BA with honor (2nd) from Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University. Credit: IG @taewaew_natapohn 6. Mew Nittha Mew Nittha graduated BA with honor (2nd) from Srinakharinwirot University (Fashion Design) with GPA 3.46. Cr. IG @mewnittha 5. Aom Sushar Aom Sushar graduated BA with honor (2nd) from Srinakharinwirot University (Acting and Directing) with GPA […]