Alex Rendell Talks About Kao Supassara

After Toey Jarinporn reveals that she is dating Alek Teeradetch, this couples receive several bad comments. Alex Rendell has encouraged Toey Jarinporn and supports her for everything. Netizens who love Alex Rendell, support him to date his co-star Kao Supassra after playing couples in a new TV drama remakes, ‘Kom Faek’. For Kao Supassara, he […]

Alex Rendell Says Like This To Toey Jarinporn After She Received Bad Feedbacks

There are many bad comments on Toey Jarinporn after she is dating Alek Teeradetch because many people accused Alek of flirting his friend’s ex-girlfriend. To make Toey Jarinporn happy, Alex Rendell say this things, “I pity Toey Jarinporn because she received several bad comments,” “I support her and I tell her to keep going.” Source: […]

Kimmy Kimberley Talks About Alex Rendell

After Alek Teeradetch and Toey Jarinporn are dating, many people focus on Alex Rendell, Toey Jarinporn’s ex-boyfriend. Most of them say they pity Alex Rendell because it seems he is hurt of this news. Recently, Mark Prin and Kimmy Kimberley attend the campaign of Alex Rendell at Krabi province. There is a photo of Kimmy […]

Alex Rendell Receives Positive Comments For Giving Interview About Toey And Alek

Recently, Alex Rendell gives an interview about Alek Teereadetch and his ex-girlfriend Toey Jarinporn. He says that he isn’t close to Alek Teeradetch and he hasn’t hurt for this news. Many fans leave positive comments about his interview that “I like Alex Rendell, he is a good guy. His acting in drama is also good,” […]

Alex Rendell Talks About Alek Teeradetch And Toey Jarinporn

After Alek Teeradetch and Toey Jarinporn are dating, netizens criticize both actor and actress because Alek Teeradetch and Alex Rendell are friends. Recently, Alex Rendell says that Alek Teeradetch wants to tell him about his relationship with Toey Jarinporn but she tells Alek that she will tell him by herself. For Alek Teeradetch, Alex Rendell […]

Mark Prin and Kimmy Kimberley Give A Support To Alex Rendell

On 28 October 2017, Mark Prin and Kimmy Kimberley travel to Siboya Island at Krabi province to meet Alex Rendelll and kids from Environment Education Centre Thailand. These 3 celebrities have created a campaign “Fighting Extinction: Save The Dugong” together to save the dugongs. 27/10/2560 เราอยู่ที่จังหวัดกระบี่ครับ เราในที่นี้ผมหมายถึงตัวผม น้องคิม พี่ฝน พี่ส้ม พี่นุ้ย พี่รี่ พี่เมย์ เราตื่นเช้าเพื่อนั่งรถตู้ไปขึ้นเรือไปหาอเล็กซ์ที่เรารู้อยู่อย่างเดียวว่ากำลังทำกิจกรรมอยู่กับเด็กๆของค่ายEEC.(Environmental Education […]

4 Thai Actors Who Are Toey Jarinporn’s Boyfriends

1. Peck Premmanat Toey Jarinporn was in a relationship with Peck Premmnat for many years ago. Finally, they have broken up. 2. Sean Jindachot Sean Jindachot and Toey Jarinporn were in a relationship after playing in TV drama, ‘Chocolate Sweetheart’, together. 3. Alex Rendell Many fans support for Alex Rendell and Toey Jarinporn love but […]