10 Thai Dramas Male Leads Are So Bad With Female Leads But Most People Like

1. Sawan Biang – Ken Theeradeth & Anne Thongprasom 2. Yah Leum Chan – Tik Jesdaporn & Anne Thongprasom 3. Jam Leuy Ruk – Aum Atichart & Aff Taksaorn 4.¬† Sanaeha Sunya Kaen – Dome Pakornlum & Janie Thienphosuwan 5. Kluen Cheewit – Mark Prin & Yaya Urassaya 6. Roy Lae Sanae Rai – Dj […]

10 Thai Actresses Who Are Female Leads In The Movies That Earned 100+ Millions Baht

10. Vj Ja – Shutter (107 Millions Baht) 9. Mew Nittha – One Day (110 Millions Baht) 8. Pok Piyatida – Ladda Land (117 Millions Baht) 7. Gybso Ramida – Loser Lover (122 Millions Baht) 6. Noona Neungtida – Hello Stranger (125 Millions Baht) 5. Focus Jirakul – Fan Chan (137 Million Baht) 4. Cris […]

Aff Taksaorn, Mew Nittha and Taew Natapohn Are Sisters?

Recently, Aff Taksaorn, Mew Nittha, Taew Natapohn and senior actress Paweena take a photo together in black dresses. Thai netizens commented that if they weren’t celebrities, they thought that these 3 women were sisters and their mothers in the middle. Netizens added that Aff Taksaorn, Taew Natapohn, and Mew Nittha really look alike. What do […]

5 Thai Actresses Who Fit With Thai Traditional Clothes The Most

1. Nune Woranuch Nune Woranuch wears Thai traditional clothes in several Thai dramas including E-Sa, Rak Nakara, No Ra, Pid Sawat, Mae Eye Sa Eun, and many others. 2. Taew Natapohn Taew Natapohn also wears Thai traditional clothes in many TV dramas including Nakee, Rak Nakara, Khun Chai Ratchanon, and many others. 3. Aff Taksaorn […]

7 Beautiful Thai Actresses Who Played As Princesses In Thai TV Dramas

Cherry Khemupsorn – Tard Ruk Anne Thongprasom – Manee Yard Fah Aff Taksaorn – Roy Mai Taew Natapohn – Suparburoot Jutathep ‘Khun Chai Ratchanon’ Mai Davika – Plerng Naree Mew Nittha – Suparburoot Jutathep ‘Khun Chai Pawornruj’ Yaya Urassaya – Likit Ruk ‘The Crown Princess’

Songkran Techanong Wishes Aff Taksaorn To Comeback?

Recently, Songkran Techanarong, Aff Taksaorn’s husband, posted a picture of himself with a caption, “Buddhist Holy Day, I wish for a little thing but everyone probably knows what I wish for.” Do you think that he wishes for Aff Taksaorn to comeback to him?

The Meaning Of 10 Thai Star Names You Don’t Know

1. Nadech Kugimiya Nadech, is given by his adopted mother, means a place that has a power. 2. Mark Prin Prin means degree (Prin comes from the word Parinya) and his last name Suparat means superb glass. 3. Tangmo Nida Tangmo means watermalon in Thai language. 4. Noona Neungtida Noona mean field rat. 5. Ploy […]

Newsreader Kwang Sues A Popular Page That Accused Her of Being A Third Person Breaking Aff Taksaorn and Songkran’s Love

A newsreader Kwang gets many bad comments on her Instagram accounts after the news of being a third person breaking Aff Taksaorn and Songkran Techanarong’s love spreading around. This rumor written by a popular page and made people misunderstand about her.¬†Some people comment bad about her and also her parents. Finally, she decided to sue […]

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