Thai Netizen Wants Mint Chailda and Yaya Urassaya To Change Their Characters In TV Dramas

A Thai netizen posted on a popular webboard Pantip that he/she wants to see Yaya Urassaya and Mint Chalida changing their characters to be strong girls in Thai dramas because they mostly play as cute girls in Thai Lakorn.

A person, who posted this topic, forgets that Yaya Urassaya has changed her character to a strong girl in TV drama, ‘Kluen Cheewit‘, which aired in early 2017.

This netizen admired Mew Nittha, Taew Natapohn, and Bella Ranee, who changed their characters in recent TV drama, ‘Rak Nakara‘, and ‘Plerng Boon‘.

For Mint Chalida, Thai TV3 still thinks that she is young and gives the same character to her as always.

Hope to see her new character in upcoming TV dramas. How about you?

Source: Jaizaa




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