Kimmy Kimberley Talks About Mark Prin and Margie Rasri’s Wedding

For Margie Rasri’s wedding, Kimmy Kimberley says she already saw the invitation card but she won’t get it because she is a bridesmaid.

She also gets a dress for wearing as a bridesmaid at Margie Rasri’s wedding.

On the wedding day, she will tell Margie Rasri to throw a bunch of flowers to her and she will battle with other girls to get it.

คิมเบอร์ลี แอน เทียมศิริ งานบวช หมาก

For Mark Prin’s ordination ceremony, she doesn’t know she will hold a pillow or not because some fans want her to hold it but some fans don’t.

(Normally, a girlfriend holds a pillow for her boyfriend at ordination ceremony) 

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