Due Arisara Got Injured After Having An Argument With A Girl In The Pub

There is a news reported that Nang Rai (Bad Girl In TV Drama) Due Arisara had an argument with a 25 years old girl and made her injured in the pub located in Thong Lor street, Bangkok, Thailand.

The girl, who had an argument with Due Arisara, sued her after the argument happened on 07 October 2017 at 2 AM.

Yesterday, Due Arisara had an interview with reporters and said that she wasn’t a person who started the argument.

When walking to the toilets with her 2 junior girls and 2 senior guys, there were so many people and they pushed each other.

She walked through the crowded and was bumped by someone.

She didn’t care and continued walking but a girl pulled her hair and push her head down.

In that situation, there were about 8-9 pub security guards and that girls bodyguards but no one helped her.

Her friends were blocked by the bodyguards that why they couldn’t helped her.

She was injured on her leg and forehead but she didn’t know why she was sued by that girl.

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