Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee Love Story

Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee actually started dating since 2012 when they play a movie, ‘Fatherland’, together but they didn’t play couples in this movie. They haven’t opened their relationship to the public but they are secretly dating. Paparazzi also secretly captured Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee when they were together. This year, they start […]

These 4 Thai Actress Names Are Used As Meeting Room Names

Mistine, the number one cosmetic in Thailand, always gives an honor to Thai actresses who are company’s presenters. 4 Thai actresses, who have worked with Mistine Thailand for a long time, are being used their names as special meeting room’s names of the company. These actresses including Aum Patchrapa, Ploy Chermarn, Min Pechaya, and Pancake […]

10 Thai Celebrities Who Got The Most Followers For October 2017

10. Yaya Urassaya / +64,701 Followers 9. Jao Naay / ++70,123 Followers 8. Mew Nittha / +75,099 Followers 7. Taew Natapohn / +77,513 Followers 6. Bella Ranee / +82,125 Followers 5. Aum Patchrapa / +86,791 Followers 4. Navin Tar / +97,388 Followers 3. Kaykai / +97,649 Followers 2. Pat Napapa / +126,611 Followers 1. Bambam GOT7 / +199,858 Followers Source: Daradaily