Yaya Urassaya Will Be A Female Lead In This New TV Drama

It has reported that Yaya Urassaya will be a female lead for a new TV drama, ‘Plik Fah‘, produced by Metta and Mahaniom production of P’ Nook Chatchai, for sure. The producer has asked Yaya Urassaya to play as a female lead in this TV drama for many years but it hasn’t started filming yet. Lately, […]

Chompoo Araya Plans To Have A New Baby?

Many people are curious whether Chompoo Araya has only twin baby boys or she will have another baby in the future. According to Siamdara, Chompoo Araya plans to have a baby girl in the future because she has discussed with the doctor about this. When Nong Thunder and Nong Storm grow up (when they’re 2-3 years old), […]

Alek Teeradetch And Toey Jarinporn Are Couples Or Friends?

According to Daradaily, Alek Teeradetch and Toey Jarinporn have a special relationship for a while. They always travel together when they have a free time. Most of Alek Teeradetch’s pictures were captured by Toey Jarinporn and her photos were taken by him as well. Lately, Alek Teeradetch starts using film camera because Toey Jarinporn likes it. […]

Mark Prin Or Kimmy Kimberley Face?

Today, Kimmy Kimberley uses the latest feature on Instagram Stories to create a poll and ask fans whether that picture is her face or Mark Prin’s face. Fans have to choose “Yes” or “No” for their choices. About 80% of fans selected “Yes” for their choices. How about you? Source: Daradaily

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