10 Thai Celebrities Do Good Things But Receiving Bad Comments

1. Boom Panadda She created an organization to help poor people but netizens commented that it was just fake activities to make her looked good. 2. Tono Pakin Tono recently rescued flood victims at Sakon Nakhon Province but netizens comments that this is just a fake activity of him. 3. Poo Praiya Poo Praiya did good […]

A TV Drama Producer Nong Arunoshar To Pair Toey Pongsakorn and Cheer Tikhamporn Once Again In a New Drama

It’s reported that Nong Arunoshar, a female TV drama producer of Cupids The Series, to pair hot shipped couples Toey Pongsakorn and Cheer Tikhamporn once again in a new TV drama. The type of new TV drama for Cheer and Toey will be difference from Cupids The Series. Please stay tuned for a new update […]

60 New Thai Dramas For Second-Half 2017 and 2018

Every years, there are many TV Dramas are produced by different channels. This year, several dramas are being produced and some completed their filming and waited for airing. In the video below, you’ll see 60 new TV Dramas being filmed and going to produced soon including Likit Ruk (The Crown Princess), Por Mod Jao Sanae, […]

Mew Nittha Admits She Had a Dinner With Hi-So Phok

After Mew Nittha reveals that she is single, there are many guys flirting her. It’s reported that Hi-So Phok Pornprapa, Namcha Chiranat ex-boyfriend, is also one of the candidate flirting Mew Nittha. Recently, Mew Nittha spotted having a dinner with Hi-So Phok. She admits that she really has a dinner with him but other friends […]

12 Famous Thai Dramas Were Made From Fictions Written By This Author

Kingchat is a famous Thai author written several fictions and her books were bought a copyright to produce as many popular TV Dramas. Here are her fictions that were made to TV Dramas. 1. Buang Hong 2. Tarm Ruk Keun Jai 3. Duay Rang Athitarn 4. Sood Sanae Ha 5. Porn Prom OnLaWeng 6. Sera Daran 7. Duang […]

Top 10 Thai Rising Actresses You Need To Know

1. Jannine Weigel (GMM Singer & Actress) 2. Patricia Good (Thai TV3 actress) 3. Pim Pimprapa (Thai Channel 7 actress) 4. Mild Wiraporn (GMM Actress) 5. Mook Woranit (GMM Actress) 6. Thanaerng Kanyawee (Nadao Bangkok Actress) 7. Now Tisanart (Thai channel 7 actress) 8. Mookda Narinrak (Thai channel 7 actress)   9. Belle Kemisara (Nadao Bangkok Actress) 10. Natalie […]