Wawa Nichari denies she isn’t a person who posted LINE chat between her and Indy Intad

Many people are curious why LINE chat photos between Wawa Nichari and Indy Intad were leaked online. Some people commented that Wawa Nichari was a person who posted that photos on social media to make her look pitiful after she got bad feedbacks and comments.     However, Wawa Nichari denied that she wasn’t a […]

Mint Chalida confirms she hasn’t got any problems with Kimmy Kimberley since last 3 years

Mint Chalida spotted talking to Kimmy Kimberley at Love Is In The Charity Concert after they stopped talking to each other for 3 years because Mint Chalida had an argument with Mark Prin, Kimmy Kimberley’s boyfriend.     Mint Chalida says she hasn’t got any problems with Kimmy Kimberley since last 3 years. She admits […]

Top 10 Thai Celebrities Who Get The Most Followers on Instagram in May 2017

10. Mario Muarer (+106,928 Followers) 9. Nine Naphat (+128,249 Followers) 8. Cris Horwang (+132,436 Followers) 7. Wawa Nichari (+139,165 Followers) 6. Yaya Urassaya Sperbund (+143,131 Followers)    5. Non Chanon (+150,700 Followers) 4. Gun Guntathaworn (+170,683 Followers) 3. Chompoo Araya (+177,641 Followers) 2. Tom Room 39 (203,019 Followers) 1. Indy Intad (209,113 Followers)

Wawa Nichari says it’s really her LINE chat between her and Indy Intad that is leaked online

Wawa Nichari admitted that the photos of LINE chat leaking online were her conversation between her and Indy Intad.     In that LINE chat, she confessed that she discussed with Indy Intad and prepared the answers for interviewing with reporters. She really told Indy Intad to post their photos.     For her LINE […]

Pat Napapa cried after her husband was arrested and jailed in money laundering case tied to drugs

  According to Bangkok Post, Akarakit Worarojcharoendet or Benz Racing, Pat Napapa husband, was arrested and sent to Central Correctional Institution on Monday in case of money laundering tied to drugs.   Yesterday, Pat Napapa spotted carrying her baby with sad face while she was talking to Lawyer at Bangkok’s Ratchadapisek Criminal Court.   At 8 AM […]

10 Thai Actresses with their Luxury Bag Brands

1. Anne Thongpraksom – Roger Vivier Pilgrime De Jour (2576 US Dollar) 2. Chompoo Araya – Christian Dior D-Fence Mini Saddle (2488 US Dollar) 3. Kimmy Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri – Versace Pallazzo Empire (2604 US Dollar) 4. Yaya Urassaya – Givenchy Antigona Beauty Studded Cosmetic (1097 US Dollar) 5. Aum Patchrapa – J.W. Anderson Pierce […]

Fans worried after Mark Prin’s mother unfollowed Kimmy Kimberley Instagram account

Recently, Mark Prin’s mother unfollowed Kimmy Kimberley’s Instagram account and made fans worry about what has happened between both of them.   A day ago, Mark Prin posted a photo of him and Kimmy Kimberley having dinner together at his favorite restaurant named KRBB the Boutique Butcher. อนุโมทนาบุญนะคะ ???✨ @gonghivesalon24 A post shared by Kimberley […]

James Jirayu gives a reason why he wants to hold pillow on Great Warintorn’s ordination ceremony

After a sweet video clip of Great Warintorn and James Jirayu was broadcast on a TV program, ‘Talui Kong Tai’, many fans have shipped both actors to be a new Koo Jin (Shipped Couples). Recently, Great Warintorn announces that he is going to ordain for a month at Wat Bowonniwet Vihara (15 days) and pagoda at Phetchabun […]